Services Available

All prices are in CAD (Canadian Dollars) and do not include 5% GST.

Code Description Price
MAS Stereo Mastering $100/track
DDP DDP Image $50/project
VPM Vinyl Pre-mastering $100/project
MIX Mixing $400/track
EDIT Editing of tracks $80/hour
ALT Alternate version of a mix or master $30/track


Mastering rate includes:

  • 48 kHz/24 bit
  • 44.1 kHz/16 bit
  • 48 kHz/16 bit if requested
  • mp3 if requested


Deliverables will typically be 48 kHz/24 bit .wav files unless the mastering engineer requests a different format. Mixes include a master if needed, and albums mixed at Dulcet will be mastered as an album.

The mixing rate includes 3 versions (the initial mix and two revisions). Revisions past this point will cost the ALT rate in the table above.